I'm a wedding, lifestyle + business photographer based in a little city I love, who truly believes that it is the moments and people in our lives that matter most. 

I love spending Saturday mornings with my family at the farmers market, date nights with the hubby and leading our local Tuesday's Together group (an organization of creative entrepreneurs who believe in "community over competition").

I grew up just outside of Washington DC and celebrated most every holiday at my grandparents house in Georgetown, with my big Irish family. I met my husband at a party in college...I saw him step out of his yellow Jeep Wrangler with his guitar in his hand and I was sold. He's a music fanatic, an artist, my best friend, an amazing dad to our 2 girls and the absolute love of my life.


Dan proposed the first night we moved into our first home. A little cape cod in the city of Fredericksburg. That night we drank champagne out of red solo cups and ate pizza on top of his guitar case because that and our mattress were the only things we had moved in. It was perfect.

My love of photography comes from my love of art and nostalgia. Remembering the look on my husbands face when he saw me in my dress for the first time, my dad kissing my cheek as he gave me away. My mom dancing the night away with her siblings.


The grandfather who I never met, I visit through photographs. The newborn photos of our daughters, a reminder of just how fast they grow. The ability to capture these memories not only for my family but for others is truly a gift. 

I'm committed to providing a thoughtfully crafted and kind photography experience that will not only tell the story of who you are now but will one day serve as a reminder of just how extraordinary your life has truly been. A visual legacy to be passed on for generations to come.


For me happiness lies in both everyday moments and extraordinary ones. And sometimes the everyday turns out to be the most extraordinary of them all.