Stardust Ball - The Fairy Godmother Project

Bowman's Distillery - Fredericksburg, VA


The Fairy Godmother Project (FGP) has been an organization that I've wanted to work with for a long time now. FGP's mission is to ease the burden of day to day life for families facing all phases of a pediatric cancer diagnosis. (Even typing those words have me tearing up.) So when they put out a message asking for a photographer to donate their time for the Red Carpet photos I jumped at the chance to be involved. Everything I envisioned the night would be, it was. Beautiful couples dressed to the 9's enjoying a night of dancing, dinner and laughter all while raising money for this amazing organization that supports families in our community. 

But the one thing I didn't think about were the stories I would hear from those who have been effected by cancer. Hearing a mother talk about loosing her daughter, who was just about the same age as my girls, was absolutely heartbreaking. I excused myself to the bathroom, had a good ugly cry, texted my husband and came back to the room filled with all of these wonderful people. People who have donated their time, money and energy into helping ease the pain of so many families facing this type of unimaginable loss. 

Every night my husband and I walk up our stairs, turn on our phone flash lights and tuck our girls into bed. Every night we find Hadley, our 4 year old, shirtless sprawled out on top of the covers with her arms stretched over her head and her puppy close by. We stick her feet under the blanket, pull it up just under her chin and gently kiss her forehead goodnight making sure not to wake her. Then we step into Kennedy's room (our 6 year old). And every night we find her half way off the bed, with her hair stuck all over her face (she's a sweaty sleeper) and legs tangled up in the blankets. We push her over into the middle of the bed, place her big puppy next to her so she doesn't fall to the floor (it's happened more than once) move her hair from her face and untangle her from her blanket. We kiss her goodnight and walk out of the room quietly leaving the door cracked a bit. 

The night I got home the Stardust Ball I hugged my girls a little tighter and I kissed them a little longer. I told them I loved them and secretly I was hoping that they'd wake up. I can't imagine not having these moments. 


Thank you to those who attended the Stardust Ball to support The Fairy Godmother Project and all the families involved. It was not only a night full of fun but a night filled with purpose. The images from the red carpet can be found in the link below and you are invited to download your image by using the PIN 6734.

Download images here: 

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